Windows 10 Complete

Here you can test your full knowledge of working with Windows 10. Included in this test, are the components basic concepts, Internet, mail, folders, files and security and maintenance.
Answer the following 50 questions, then click the View your results button at the bottom of this page. Your test results and the correct answers are shown immediately on your screen. With a score of sufficient or greater, you can receive the Computer Certificate by email if desired.

Good luck!

Test questions:

1. What happens to the files when you delete them from the Documents folder?

2. How do you select a file in File Explorer?

3. What happens if you copy a file and paste it into the same folder?

4. What happens if you drag a file from your computer to a USB stick?

5. How do you release the selection of multiple files in File Explorer?

6. What is meant by a file in Windows?

7. Can you empty all the items in the Recycle Bin in Windows all at once?

8. What does this pictogram in File Explorer indicate?

9. Which two commands from the menu can be used to move a file?

10. Can you create a new library in Windows?

11. What happens when you click this button Windows10Algemeen_Minimaliseren-?

12. Is it possible to show multiple programs or apps with Task View?

13. When does this bar appear on the right or bottom of a window?

14. Which button do you use to close a window?

15. How do you widen a window?

16. What happens when you click the Windows10Algemeen_PijlnaarLinks button in the upper left corner of a File Explorer window?

17. What happens when you click this button Windows10Algemeen_Verkleinen?

18. What happens when you click this button Windows10Algemeen_Taakweergave?

19. Can multiple programs be opened at the same time in Windows?

20. What is this part of Windows called? Windows10Algemeen_Taakbalk2

21. Can a web address contain spaces?

22. Which program can be used to visit websites in Windows 10?

23. Which button can be used to open a link in a new tab?

24. Do you need to type http:// before every web address?

25. How do you close a tab in Microsoft Edge?

26. What happens if you click the Windows10Internet_EdgeVorige button in Microsoft Edge?

27. How do you set up your own homepage in Microsoft Edge?

28. Is it possible to create a new folder to save your favorite website?

29. What is easy to do with the Reading list?

30. Which button can be used to renew or refresh a webpage in Microsoft Edge?

31. What can you do with an attachment in the Mail app?

32. Does an email address always contain the @ symbol?

33. Can you view the content of a sent email message in the Mail app?

34. Is it possible to save an attachment received in an email message to my own computer?

35. Which button do you click to send an answer to both the sender and all recipients of an email message?

36. Can an email address contain spaces?

37. Which button do you click to send an email message to someone other than the sender?

38. What is the purpose of the Drafts folder in the Mail app?

39. Is an email message removed definitively when it is removed from the Trash folder?

40. What sort of email messages can be seen in the Inbox OUT folder?

41. Can you detect and delete spam with an antivirus program?

42. Will the last changes made to a document be lost by using System Recovery?

43. What does a firewall do?

44. What happens when you optimize or defragment your hard drive?

45. What happens when you use System Recovery?

46. What is spam?

47. What is PayPal?

48. What does a green padlock to the left of a web address indicate?

49. What is an add-on?

50. Does an antivirus program make computer viruses harmless?

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