Windows 10 Basic Concepts

Test your general knowledge of working with Windows 10.

This test contains 20 mulitple choice questions. When you have finished answering the questions, click the View your results button at the buttom of this page. Your test results and the correct answers are shown immediately on your screen. With a score of sufficient or greater, you can receve the Computer Certificate by email if desired.

Good luck!

Test questions:

1. Which button do you use to close a window?

2. How do you display a minimized program back on the desktop?

3. Can multiple programs be opened at the same time in Windows?

4. Is it possible to show multiple programs or apps with Task View?

5. What does the light-blue underlining indicate by a taskbar button on the taskbar?

6. How do you drag a window to another spot in Windows 10?

7. What command in Windows is commonly associated with the word cut?

8. What is this window called in Windows 10? 

9. What can you do with this button Windows10Algemeen_Maximaliseren?

10. What happens when you click this button Windows10Algemeen_Verkleinen?

11. How do you change the view layout of the items in a folder in the File Explorer window?

12. What happens when you right-click a folder in File Explorer?

13. How do you widen a window?

14. What happens when you click this button Windows10Algemeen_Taakweergave?

15. What is this part of Windows called? Windows10Algemeen_Taakbalk2

16. What happens when you click this button Windows10Algemeen_Minimaliseren-?

17. When does this bar appear on the right or bottom of a window?

18. What is this screen called?

19. Is there a shortcut on the taskbar for every program on your computer?

20. What taskbar button can you click to open a program for arranging files and folders?

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